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If your workflow involves multiple contributors—whether you’re delegating work across multiple contractors, or juggling initiatives for your entire organization—it takes coordinated teamwork to get projects across the finish line.

Here are six steps to make sure your team is set up for effective collaboration in Airtable.

1. Get ready for your Airtable launch

Now that you’ve got your base ready, it’s time to share it with your team—defining clear goals and responsibilities for your Airtable rollout can go a long way to ensuring success. 

This article will walk you through key best practices to prepare you and your team for a smooth launch of your Airtable instance: how to define your launch goals, put together your team, get your timeline in order, and make sure your base is in the perfect shape for sharing.

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2. Prep your base for onboarding

Before you can start inviting your team to collaborate, you need to make sure your base is set up to receive them. 

In this step, we’ll run through key steps to make your base easier for a new user to understand: creating a base guide, adding descriptions to specific areas of your base, and creating personal views for your teammates.

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3. Introducing Airtable to your team

The first step of collaboration is getting everyone on the same page. This article lays out how to introduce Airtable to colleagues who haven’t used it before, and how to realistically set expectations. 

We’ll run through putting together your Airtable launch announcement, inviting your team on board, getting them situated with a kickoff training, and giving them the resources they need.

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4. Inviting your collaborators

It’s time to start rolling out those invites, and getting everyone into your base. Here we’ll do a deep dive into the process of bringing collaborators on board, and making sure you set the right level of control and visibility for what they need to accomplish. 

You’ll learn how to invite them in, protect your data, give them the information they need with personal views, and make sure they stay in the loop with the collaborator field.

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5. Managing team collaboration

As more of your team comes on board, and your base grows, it pays to keep your data organized and secure. Administering a base is a straightforward but specific task, and we’ll run through the basics. 

These best practices can streamline collaboration as you bring in more teammates, and will help keep your data under control. We’ll walk through track updates, which help keep an eye on edits, and teach you to build a system of backups with snapshots and restoring trashed data.

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6. Set (and hit) your Airtable goals

Set your team up for success by establishing realistic goals, and refining your workflows over time. These tips will help you review your launch goals, bring in feedback from your team, and use that feedback to improve your base and processes moving forward.

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