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Discover new areas for growth and creative opportunities

Make smarter decisions, faster

Uncover hidden insights and make strategic bets. Use Airtable AI to analyze and organize performance data, customer feedback, and so much more.

Find new levels of efficiency

Dramatically bolster the speed of day-to-day work. Embed AI into existing workflows and build upon the information already living in Airtable.

Experiment with confidence

Empower employees to experiment without sacrificing control. Choose the AI model that works best for you while keeping your data secure.

Embed AI across your most important business processes

Use AI to analyze, organize, and connect the workflows and information you already have in Airtable.

Summarize and extract insights

Get to the point, faster. Uncover the most pressing takeaways and align your team on the most powerful path forward.

Categorize information

Action your data easily. Tag and organize information according to theme, sentiment, product feature, use case, and more.

Generate drafts

Create a first draft in seconds. Spend your time iterating, editing, and polishing the right message to compel your audience to act. 

Translate content

Go borderless with every initiative. Translate internal and external communications, without additional resources or workback plans.

Route work in progress

Uncover smarter operations. Identify collaborators, link related projects, and match your work to initiatives across the org.

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Customers from all kinds of industries achieve amazing outcomes with Airtable.

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With Airtable AI on Amazon Bedrock

“AWS teams have used Airtable to streamline and accelerate our marketing workflows. As one of Airtable AI’s early customers, we leverage Airtable AI on Amazon Bedrock to further enhance and automate processes.”

Jonathan Laniado, Senior Automation Manager

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​​If you’re on a paid self-serve plan, you have access to a limited number of AI credits each month to test out Airtable AI. If you need more credits, you can purchase the AI add-on, which allows you to use AI at scale. Enterprise customers should talk with their account team to get access to Airtable AI.

For all customers, a workspace admin or Enterprise Admin needs to enable AI for the organization. While users will see that AI functionality exists, they won’t be able to access it without an administrator’s approval. Enterprise Admins also have more granular control over the workspaces in which AI is enabled.

Airtable AI can be added to any workflow and is flexible enough to advance critical steps across workflows in every team or department. Product teams can use AI to categorize customer feedback and generate product specs to speed up feature development. Marketing teams can use AI to generate creative briefs, gather competitive intel, or draft blog posts. HR and finance teams can use AI to generate job descriptions, categorize budget spend, draft company memos, and more.

Airtable protects the privacy and security of our customers' data. No customer data is retained by our vendors or used to train current or future large language models (LLMs).

Enterprise customers can choose from different LLMs for Airtable AI. These include OpenAI’s GPT models, and Anthropic’s Claude models via Amazon Bedrock, a service where models are hosted in the Amazon Web Services environment.

No, prior experience with AI is not necessary to get started with Airtable AI. Whether you are new to AI or have expertise in the field, you can benefit from Airtable AI. Airtable AI is designed to help teams build confidence and develop skills in writing and using AI prompts. With a choice of pre-built prompts and guidance and tips provided, you can quickly add AI capabilities to your workflows and make the most of its power, regardless of your prior experience with AI.

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Transform your operations with Airtable AI