Connect the most critical stages of marketing work

Bring unrivaled efficiency to your marketing supply chain by connecting workflows with shared, trusted data.


Make smarter marketing bets

Identify gaps in strategy and align your team to shared priorities. Airtable gives you a holistic view of all marketing activities alongside goals, resourcing, and timelines.


Accelerate your time to market

Empower your team to execute quickly and stay in sync. Airtable fuels production by making critical information accessible and reusable for everyone.


Scale impact with every campaign

Inspire the right audience, with the right message, at the right time. Use automations and AI to deliver personalized experiences at scale.


Keep improving your operations

Make sound decisions to streamline work and invest in future campaigns. Analyze operational insights and performance data side by side in Airtable.

Embed AI across your most important marketing processes

Usher in a new world of potential impact. Use AI to analyze, organize, and connect the workflows and information you already have in Airtable.

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Categorize information

Action your data easily. Tag and organize information according to campaign, region, audience, asset type, and more.


Generate drafts

Create a first draft in seconds. Spend your time polishing the right message, as opposed to working from scratch.


Translate content

Go borderless with every campaign. Translate internal and external communications, instantly.


Summarize and extract insights

Get to the point, faster. Uncover the most pressing performance trends and prioritize the messaging that works in market.

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Find out how customers from all kinds of industries achieve amazing outcomes with Airtable.

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“We were able to quickly transport 60 existing experiments into our Airtable base. Our entire Airtable implementation was done within an afternoon.”

Joshua Kreuger, CRO Manager at DPG Media

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