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Redefine marketing strategy and planning

Connect work at every level and amplify impact when you centralize ideas, requests, and plans in Airtable.

Bring together project briefs, intake requests and more to make planning more efficient.

Link actions to goals and streamline reporting to see how work connects at every level.

Simplify cross-team prioritization by unifying budgets, capacity, and potential impact.

Drive airtight timelines and production

Go beyond work management to manage deliverables, handoffs, and production at scale.

Dynamically track and connect everything — people, tasks, assets, budgets, and more — for seamless execution.

Unify timelines, capacity planning, and handoffs to deliver inspirational work at scale.

Keep stakeholders up-to-date with real-time progress tracking and automated digests.

Maximize ROI from shared marketing investments

Work more efficiently when you create shared repositories of vendors, assets, inventory, and more.

Improve usage by providing vendors and cross-functional teams with customized views of information.

Visualize how vendors, assets, and more, are being used across teams and channels.

Easily centralize assets across different sources and automate publishing across promotional platforms.

Connect marketing work with impact

Drive strategy with insights, not instinct. Eliminate guesswork from data and connect cross-team work.

Create customized dashboards highlighting performance across teams and channels.

Pinpoint hotspots so teams can deliver on time and on budget.

Integrations and charting help connect operational data and performance metrics, driving more strategic decisions.

Centralize marketing data and insights

Work becomes unified when you bring your marketing data together.

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