The crisis of the fractured organization

As organizations become more complex, so do their challenges. Teams turn to disparate tools in an effort to move faster, which create siloes and makes data inaccessible to other teams. This results in company-wide misalignment, miscommunication, and inefficiency. Organizations are forced to choose between moving fast, or moving together— a choice they shouldn’t have to make.

Impact of fractured organizations


Different software tools on average are used in large organizations (Forrester)


Survey respondents who say reducing data and info silos are a top priority (Forrester)


Survey respondents who say poor business processes increase the risk of manual errors (Forrester)

How to bring it all back together

A connected apps platform starts with shared company data—a single source of truth—that powers all workflows and ensures work moves together. Anyone on any team—at any technical skill level—can build custom apps that best support their workflows. These apps are connected to all the other apps that live on the same platform. The result: teams are able to work autonomously, while moving in sync with the rest of the organization.

Meet the Airtable Connected Apps Platform™

With the Airtable Connected Apps Platform™, teams build custom apps for their own workflows—from managing campaigns to launching products to tracking vendors—using real-time, shared data on a company-wide platform.

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The power to do your best work together

No matter how large your organization grows, the Airtable Connected Apps Platform™ scales with you.

Airtable was built as a relational database, creating a single source of truth for your organization. Teams can see data changes and react in real-time—and can trust that information is always up to date.

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Intuitive tools make it easy for teams to build connected apps that support their unique workflows. They can create interactive interfaces to see and act on data, and automate tasks with clicks, not code.

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Connect the apps you build in Airtable to 1,000+ business critical systems like Salesforce, Jira, and Tableau.

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Securely manage apps at scale with enterprise-grade controls for users, groups, and permissions. Stay safe with built-in compliance, data security and privacy requirements.

Benefits of the Airtable Connected Apps Platform™

Drive faster business results

A single source of truth—updated in real time—keeps all your teams aligned, agile, and empowered to achieve ambitious results together.

Make teams more efficient

Teams can build connected apps that power their workflows, without technical expertise. Automations reduce manual tasks and keep work flowing across teams.

Mitigate business risks

Avoid business-critical mistakes and duplicative work with up-to-date, accurate data to inform better decision-making.


Let the Airtable Connected Apps Platform
 transform your organization

You have questions? We have answers.

Connected apps refers to a network of apps that share a common data source and live on the same platform.

A connected apps platform allows anyone in an organization to use shared data to build and customize apps. It has built-in tools that enable organizations to deploy, manage, and scale connected apps across multiple teams.

With Airtable, anyone can build a custom app to power any workflow, whether it's to manage the product roadmap, launch marketing campaigns, or track vendors. Intuitive app-building tools make it easy for those closest to the work to build flexible, powerful apps, without any technical expertise.

By building and connecting apps on Airtable, teams have real-time visibility into shared data to power workflows across the organization. 

Let's say a team creates an app for a specific use case, such as a content calendar. With Airtable, you can easily connect data from that content calendar app in real-time to other teams who need it for their workflows. So when a single record is updated in that app, that data is automatically updated in all the other apps it's connected to. This gives every team visibility into changes as they occur, so they can move in sync.

More than 380,000 customers use the Airtable Connected Apps Platform™ today to transform their work. By building connected apps on the Airtable platform, teams are better aligned, drive faster business results, enhance team productivity, and mitigate security risks.