Strategic HR teams use Airtable to create high performing teams

Manage recruiting pipeline, streamline your onboarding processes, and keep your team aligned as your company grows.

Streamline new hire onboarding

Create a standard process for onboarding to ensure new employees are set up for success - and easily adapt your process as your org matures.

Keep your team aligned throughout the hiring process

Easily collaborate on hiring plans, interview needs, and more to attract and hire top talent.

Create a single source of truth for your HR policies

Easily organize and update all your HR info and resources in one place, so your team can find what they need when they need it.

Get a full picture of your organization

Visualize your org chart and people data to keep your entire company connected and adapt quickly as your team grows and changes.

Manage your most important HR workflows

Orchestrate everything from your candidate pipeline to your new hire onboarding from Airtable. Get started with pre-made templates, and customize them to fit your exact needs.

Spend less time coordinating, and more time growing your team