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With your teammates invited and on board, you’ll start to see your collaborative workflows come to life. But, as your base evolves, it needs active management to stay organized and secure. Try out these best practices to streamline collaboration as your team’s use of Airtable grows. 

1. Track updates with comments and record history

Comments give your collaborators context, updating them on progress, flagging potential issues, or notifying teammates with an @ mention. In your record’s activity feed, you’ll see the record’s revision history, along with any comments. 

2. Keep your views in order with view sections

As your base grows, and your team becomes more active inside Airtable, the number of different views can add up! Make these views easier to navigate by creating view sections. These sections organize your views into collapsible groups—like desktop folders on a computer.

3. Back up any base with snapshots

If something goes wrong in your base, you might want to roll back to an earlier version. Maybe some data got moved around, or a new function got implemented that was improperly set up. 

Using base snapshots, you can back up a base and then restore it to said backup. Airtable automatically takes snapshots, dependent on your base usage—the more active you are in your base, the more frequently these snapshots are taken. To be safe, you should manually take a snapshot at any time you’re making lots of changes or bringing in more collaborators.

Try it now

Take a snapshot

4. Restore important data from the trash function

If you (or anyone else) accidentally deletes important data, you’ve got a back-up plan: the trash function allows you to view and restore the past seven days of deleted tables, views, fields, apps, and records. You can also restore a record's individual cell values with record-level Revision history

Pro tip

Regularly review your base permissions as more team members start collaborating in your base. For those with editor access or above, protect data from unexpected changes at the table, view, and field level. Learn more here.

Congratulations! With these best practices in place, your base will stay well organized as your usage evolves. Next, let’s check in on your Airtable launch goals and progress with your team.

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