Developer Terms

Last Updated: December 1, 2022

Airtable is excited to welcome you to create Integrations on our Platform! These Developer Terms are intended to ensure we provide high-quality and user-friendly products and services, and do what we can to protect the safety, security, privacy, and legal rights of our Users.

These Developer Terms are a binding agreement between you and Airtable (and, where applicable, between your Organization and Airtable). They include certain terms and conditions governing your use of our Platform and APIs. They also set out requirements for Integrations, including Integrations that may be published and used through the Airtable Marketplace. To create and provide an Integration on the Platform, use our APIs, or otherwise develop software to be provided or accessed through the Platform, you agree to comply with these Developer Terms and your Service Terms.


The following definitions will help in understanding and interpreting these Developer Terms:

  • “Airtable” means Formagrid Inc, which does business as Airtable. Airtable is also referred to as “we”, or using “our” or “us”, in these Developer Terms.

  • “API” means any application programming interface we may make available to you.

  • “Integration” means any software extension, application, functionality, website, product, or service that you create (or your Organization creates) that uses Airtable’s APIs or that otherwise integrates with the Platform.

  • “Platform” means Airtable’s online hosted services, and its subdomains, as well as our mobile applications and downloadable software.

  • “User(s)” means any authorized user of the Platform, as well as anyone who interacts with the Platform, or whose Data is on the Platform.

  • “Data” means data, information, or other content uploaded, posted, stored, transmitted, exposed, or otherwise made available through the Platform, including by Users when using Integrations.

  • “Organization” means any company, organization, principal, or other entity, such as your employer (and any such entity’s affiliates), on whose behalf you access or use Airtable.

  • “Service Terms” means Airtable’s Terms of Service, available at, or other agreement, such as a Master Subscription Agreement, that governs your use of Airtable.

Applicable Terms

We may review any Integration to determine whether it complies with these Developer Terms, whether it can be made available for Users to install, and, where applicable, is appropriate for the Airtable Marketplace, and we may deny you or any User access to the Platform, or to any or all of our APIs, in our sole discretion.

At a high level, in addition to the other standards and requirements outlined in these Developer Terms, we may consider the following when it comes to your Integration:

  • Function: Does the Integration do what it says?

  • Security and Safety: Does the Integration have security flaws, and does it protect the rights of those who interact with it?

  • Design: Does the Integration provide Users an intuitive experience?

  • Integrity: Does the Integration treat Users and others fairly and in compliance with law?

We reserve the right to take any action we deem necessary if we believe an Integration violates these Developer Terms or compromises the intent of these Developer Terms, including removing an Integration from the Platform. Access to certain APIs may require review and approval, which we may grant in our sole discretion. In order to be granted access, you may be required to provide additional information about your Organization and your Integration.

Violations of these Developer Terms may result in an Integration’s removal from the Airtable Marketplace, token revocation, Integration suspension, developer suspension, legal action, or any other action deemed appropriate or necessary by Airtable. If you violate these Developer Terms, we may or may not provide notice before taking action. Please note that we may periodically audit Integrations, including to assess for compliance of these Developer Terms, and if requested, you must provide us with proof of compliance with these Developer Terms.


An Integration, your network, and the operating system and software of your web servers, databases, and computer systems, must:

  • Maintain appropriate administrative, organizational, technical, and physical controls to ensure the privacy, security, and confidentiality of Data;

  • Store Data using industry-standard encryption; and

  • Protect Data and any other data used in your Integration from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

In addition, you and your Integrations may not:

  • Use unpublished APIs or APIs to which you were not given access by Airtable, or APIs as to which your access has been revoked by Airtable;

  • Provide access to the Platform in any fraudulent or unauthorized way, including by bypassing or circumventing protocols or access controls;

  • Transmit any viruses, malware, or other code that may damage, interfere with, or intercept any of Airtable’s systems or Data;

  • Allow or facilitate financial transactions on the Platform (or allow or facilitate financial transactions outside the Platform that are not completed in a secure manner consistent with industry best practices);

  • Access any Data or devices without authorization or in excess of authorized access;

  • Make misleading or deceptive statements about Integration functionality, performance, origin, or Data use;

  • Send excessive data loads to Airtable’s APIs (e.g., more than 15 API calls per second) without Airtable’s explicit permission; or

  • Request or make use of a User’s personal access token.

User Experience and Design

An Integration should be useful, well-designed, thoughtful, appropriate, stable, easily navigable, and functional on (at a minimum) the desktop version of the Platform and all web browsers that the Platform currently supports (see the technical requirements here). The Airtable-built Integrations available on the Airtable Marketplace are examples of Integrations that provide a positive User experience. In addition, you and your Integrations may not:

  • Present Users with an immediate paywall, before the Users see a welcome page or enjoy Integration functionality;

  • Display advertising or promotional content beyond your (or your Organization’s) name and logo, or use Data in any advertisements or for the purpose of targeting advertisements or contacting Users;

  • Fail to provide appropriate customer assistance, including failing to provide contact methods for Users to obtain timely assistance and support;

  • Fail to address negative feedback or bugs in a timely manner; or

  • Fail to notify Airtable if an Integration’s function changes, or if the Integration itself is discontinued.

Commercial Conduct

Your use of our APIs and your Integrations must meet the standards of fair and appropriate commercial conduct. To this end, you and your Integrations may not:

  • Circumvent Airtable’s pricing, features, or access restrictions, or otherwise use any API in any manner to avoid paying applicable fees for your, your Organization’s, or any other person’s use of the Platform;

  • Sub-license, distribute, or allow access to the Airtable APIs to or by anyone else without requiring them to have an Airtable account (each User requires access tokens for their own Airtable accounts);

  • Use Airtable’s APIs to replicate or compete with Airtable’s core products or services (for clarity, you will not access or use Airtable’s APIs or Integrations without prior written consent of Airtable if you are, are affiliated with, represent, or become a direct competitor to Airtable); or

  • Imply an Airtable endorsement, certification, affiliation, or partnership without explicit permission from Airtable.

Data Use

If you make an Integration available on Airtable, including, without limitation, in the Airtable Marketplace, you are responsible for obtaining appropriate User consent or otherwise having a lawful basis to collect, use, process, store, or share Data. This includes obtaining appropriate consent and providing appropriate notice to Users for any sharing of Data with Airtable and for Airtable’s use of Data in accordance with its Privacy Policy, available at In accordance with these requirements, you must also adhere to the following:

  • You and your Integration must comply with all applicable privacy and data security laws and regulations.

  • You may only retrieve or access Data from the Platform to the extent enabled by Users to whom the Data relates.

  • You must have a conspicuously-posted privacy policy that clearly explains to Users your data privacy practices and how you plan to collect, use, process, retain, and disclose Data.

  • You may collect, store, or use Data solely as necessary to provide an Integration’s functionality to its Users.

  • You may not contact Users without their consent in compliance with law.

  • You may not ask Users to provide sensitive, private, personal, or confidential information, such as credit card numbers or passwords, unless specifically necessary to fulfill the Integration’s legitimate function and purpose as requested by Users.

  • You may not rent or sell Data to third parties.

  • If a User of your Integration makes a request to access, update, delete, or otherwise take action in connection with such User’s Data, you must review and comply with such request as required by applicable law.

  • You may not exploit or use Data to build, create, or modify User profiles or combine a User’s Data with data acquired from another source, other than as necessary for Integration functionality, nor may you otherwise use or exploit Data in violation of these Developer Terms.

Law and Safety

Each Integration must comply with all applicable laws and legal requirements. In addition, you and your Integration may not:

  • Confuse, deceive, defraud, mislead, spam, or intimidate Users;

  • Infringe upon, or facilitate the infringing of, any intellectual property rights;

  • Use vulgar or obscene language or images, or offer content that is violent, extreme, hateful, harassing, bullying, or that a reasonable person would consider inappropriate for the workplace;

  • Facilitate violations of the law or the use of Airtable in violation of the Service Terms; or

  • Falsely represent that an Integration is authorized by or produced by another company or organization.

Data Breach

In the event you discover or have reason to suspect that there has been loss, theft, or destruction of Data, or unauthorized access to (or attempt to access), acquisition of, disclosure of, use of, or alteration of Data, through or in connection with your Integration, you must inform Airtable immediately in writing (and in no event later than 48 hours after the relevant incident), and cooperate with Airtable’s own investigation into the incident, assist with any required Airtable notices, and provide any information requested by Airtable in connection with the incident. You can reach Airtable for these purposes at

Changes to these Developer Terms

These Developer Terms may change from time to time. When we make changes to these Developer Terms, we will change the “Last updated” date at the beginning of these Developer Terms. If we make material changes to these Developer Terms, we may notify you by email, by prominent posting on Airtable’s website or other messaging through the Platform, or through other appropriate communication channels. All changes will be effective from the date of publication unless otherwise stated.


If you have any questions about these Developer Terms, please contact us at