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Creative teams and agencies

Flexible collaboration for creative projects and teams of all types. From clients and freelancers to proposals, assets, and outcomes, manage it all with a single, intuitive platform that your team and clients alike will love.

It’s allowed us to get a much more specific snapshot of our teams, enabling us to staff people to the right projects and giving them great opportunities to grow.”

Marissa Grey
Recruitment Director, Huge

Marketing and communications

Invest in a tool that can keep up with your team: create a single source of truth for every project in the pipeline, streamline your editorial calendar, centralize brand assets and product messaging snippets, and coordinate major launch events with ease.

Airtable has changed the game for us from an organizational standpoint. We use Airtable for everything.”

Rachel Cone-Gorham
Executive Director for Digital & Social Marketing, Penguin Random House

Product and user experience

Ideas become reality faster with Airtable. The best product and UX teams are using Airtable to coordinate launches, plan new features, organize research, and stay on the same page.

At Medium we were able to transition our product planning to Airtable in one day - we use it for all major projects and were able to create the exact workflow and visibility we needed across the team.”

Chris Fry
Head of Engineering, Medium

Project management

When it comes to project management, one size doesn’t fit all. With Airtable, you get a solution that’s completely flexible to your needs. Keep everyone on the same page with everything that matters, all in one place.

What I love about Airtable is I can track all of our 30 to 60 projects we’re working on at any given time in one place—and within each project, I can monitor every step in the process.”

Rachael Profiloski
Director of Development, Lucky8

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