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Preconfigured apps get your teams driving to results faster than ever. Connecting these apps on one platform empowers everyone to work better together.


Unite your data and workflows

End silos with a unique platform that connects every part of your work.

Teams can build with confidence when they know data is approved and verified. And thanks to real-time sync, it’ll always be up to date.

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With best practices built right in, Apps by Airtable make getting started a snap. They’re built on top of shared data, so they’re connectable as well as customizable.

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Reduce manual work with automations. They help work move seamlessly across multiple teams, workflows, or tools.

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Turn your data into beautiful, actionable interfaces that you can customize to fit different workflows and audiences.

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Enterprise-level administrative controls, granular permissions, and scalable architecture keep everything running without losing visibility or agility.

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Bring all the data you need into one place

Integrate your most important tools to bring more context into the product development process.
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Transform how product teams operate with AI

Let everyone on your team easily use the power of AI to generate product specs, predictively categorize user feedback, instantly close the loop with customers, and more.

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You have questions? We have answers.

Airtable is used for Marketing, Product Operations, and more. But its flexibility means it can be used for nearly anything, from tracking cattle to planning an event to tracking sales leads.

Apps by Airtable are preconfigured apps which unlock the value of connected data and workflows. They make collaboration easier for teams using specific use cases.

In this initial free release, Apps by Airtable are available for marketing and product teams. Our team will partner with qualified customers to customize the right Apps by Airtable experience for their needs.

Spreadsheets evolved from paper-based account ledgers, while Airtable was built from the start as a relational database. 

So while spreadsheets are fine for tracking information, Airtable makes your data actionable. In Airtable you can sync, structure and store data however you need to, to support infinite use cases.

In addition, data is synced in real time. So if a data point changes, that change is automatically synced across every workflow and every place that data appears, eliminating the need to manually update information. 

You can learn more about databases vs. spreadsheets here.

Although Airtable is built as a relational database, you cannot directly query an Airtable table.

However, you can customize a view in Airtable to allow for SQL queries. In addition, there are ways to query your Airtable base with SQL from right inside Airtable.

Yes, Airtable can be used as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. There’s even a pre-built CRM template you can use to get started quickly.

Airtable has free, paid, and Enterprise plans available. You can learn more on our pricing page.

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