See what’s happening when with Timeline View

Visualize how the pieces of your work fit together. Track resources, events, projects and more on a timeline customized to your needs.

Manage work better with Kanban View

Supercharge your collaborative process management. Easily track progress, stakeholders, and other deliverables in a drag-and-drop, modifiable UI.

Keep projects on track with Gantt View

Stay on top of your processes and meet your deadlines. Map out activities, task dependencies, and milestones to manage complex or multi-step projects.

Never miss a date with Calendar View

Keep track of how your data is associated with key dates. Share and collaborate with team members to keep everyone on the same page.

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Dig into the data with Grid View

Group, sort, and enrich your data using Airtable’s flexible UI. Keep track of information in a way that’s right for you.

Get visual with Gallery View

Display your data with imagery for visual recognition. Showcase designs and creative more effectively and in a comprehensive, organized format.

Collect data with Form View

Create a shareable form that populates records in your Airtable base. Easily capture contact information or survey respondent information.

Keep teams aligned with Views

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