Write custom scripts in Airtable

Custom scripts extend the functionality and flexibility of your Airtable base in a lightweight, low-code manner. You can use scripts build time-saving tools for repetitive jobs like data validation and batch records creation. 

With the Scripting extension, you can easily build custom tools, even if you don’t have a deep programming background. In this step, we’ll get into scripting basics, learn to use them, and see what they’re capable of.

What is scripting?

Scripts are small, easy to build snippets of code that execute specific functionality. With the Scripting extension, you can write, edit, and run short scripts to handle all sorts of tasks using JavaScript—all from within Airtable.

Scripting is particularly useful for programmatically validating data, creating batch records, deduplicating and merging redundant records, and scraping data.

With scripts, you can also connect third-party extensions that aren’t already integrated, and also create advanced formula functions.

Explore the possibilities with scripting templates

With scripting templates, you can install and run pre-built scripts in any base, as long as you have Creator permissions. 

Try out scripts that demonstrate how to load records and modify records, as well as other common workflows:

1. Find and replace 

Best for: When you need to replace all existing instances of a text with a different one, such as updating someone’s name in a number of records at once. Install it here

2. Delete duplicates 

Best for: When you need to remove multiple instances of the same data. Delete duplicates finds data that matches an input field, and removes it. Install it here.

3. Validate emails 

Best for: When you want to confirm that all the email addresses within a base are valid and correctly formatted. Install it here.

Try it now: Install and run your first script

Now it’s your turn to give scripts a try. You can explore more out-of-the-box scripts in the marketplace here. If you'd like something more custom, learn to write your own script with this developer documentation.

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