Build (even more) on Airtable

Push the functionality of Airtable even further with custom tools to match your workflow needs. 

If you’re a developer, or just interested in trying your hand at writing some code, Airtable’s custom scripting, app building, and API allow you to stretch the limits of what your base can do.

1. Write custom scripts in Airtable

Scripts are small, easy-to-build snippets of code that execute a specific function. You don’t need a server or any extra tools to build a custom script—just the Airtable Scripting extension. You can also experiment with included templates to get a feel for how scripting works.

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2. Build your own Airtable extensions

Add to the world of Airtable extensions by building your own using the Blocks SDK. Create your own custom extensions to build and remix interactive tools—you can even have them added to the Extensions Marketplace for others to use.

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3. Using Airtable’s API

Go even further by using Airtable’s API, and connect your base to other apps and environments. The API allows your base to communicate with services not natively supported by Airtable, and gives you the ability to create, read, update, and delete records from almost any platform.

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