Integrate with external tools

If your work requires external tools, sync integrations can help you import that information into Airtable. 

For example, with sync integrations, you can automatically pull in your Zendesk queue to see what questions your customers are asking, or automatically import images from Google Drive as they’re uploaded.

Pro tip: Sync vs. Sync integrations

If you're looking to connect data from one base to another, you'll want to set up a sync. For any data that lives in external tools, a sync integration is right for you.

Explore sync integrations

Airtable has sync integrations that can communicate with eight other major platforms:


Best for importing data like contacts, leads, accounts, and opportunities from an existing report inside of Salesforce.

This integration allows you to bring in information from Salesforce and to power Airtable views, automations, and interfaces.

Google Calendar

Best for automatically importing events.

Google Calendar sync integration allows you to import events from a Google account, including start and end time, event status, event creator, and more.

Jira server & Jira cloud

Best for importing bug reports from Jira.

This sync integration can import data from more than 30 different Jira fields into a new synced table, and is great for bringing things like projects, tasks, and bugs into Airtable to help product and development teams move quickly.

Looking to bring in another tool?

  • With Google Drive, you can see who has edited a document and when. 

  • Set up an integration with Github to track important software milestones.

  • Use Outlook Calendar for automatically syncing events.

  • Try Zendesk to import ticket information as they’re generated and updated.

Pro tip: External tools + Automations 

Some external services can also be used as automation triggers. For example, you could trigger an action when there’s a new row in a Google Sheet, or a new event in Outlook Calendar.

Try it now: Sync from an external tool

Select the “add or import” dropdown, and scroll down to choose which external service you would like to sync from.

Next, log in to that service, or allow a level of communication between the platforms, and then choose which information to bring in. To learn more about setting up specific external syncs, explore our support documentation here.

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