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Great work doesn’t happen in a silo. Whether you’re collecting customer feedback, sharing a progress update with your team, or passing important metrics on to leadership, you need to gather input and share visibility with the people that power your workflow.

You can curate the way stakeholders interact with your data using custom interfaces, forms, and shared view links. All of these tools give collaborators the right level of info—so they can easily understand where and how to weigh in. 

Let’s explore several ways you may want to collaborate with your teammates, and how to make it happen in Airtable.

1. Share the right data with anyone

If you need to share information contained in your base with a collaborator, but they don’t need full access, then your best bet is a shared view link. This gives you the control you need to share what’s relevant and hide what isn’t, without risking unwanted changes to your most important data.

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2. Capture the right data from everyone

Forms let you efficiently capture user submissions. Forms are easy to build and customize, so you can survey anyone you want, then view, analyze, and implement their responses—without sharing access to your underlying data.

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3. Create interactive interfaces with Interface Designer

Interfaces are the next step up from shared views and forms—they’re functional, powerful, and interactive. Customizable from the ground up, they allow for granular and specific layouts to display exactly what you need.

Create your first interface in moments with custom layouts. Streamline feedback with the record review layout, display key information with the record summary layout, or display insights at a glance with the dashboard layout.  

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Not quite sure which tool will suit your needs best? Compare the differences between Interface Designer and other collaboration features here

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