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Whether you’re publishing a pipeline of marketing content, coordinating a calendar of events, or wrangling your team’s performance data, you need a central home for all that information.

Airtable bases are easy to use—and easy to manage—databases. They’re designed to house your team’s most important information, whatever your workflow.


What is a base?

A base (short for “database”) is a place to store important data, and the workflows that depend on it. 

A base allows you to easily bring all your information together, organize and connect it how you want, and change it as needed. It’s the home for your team’s data and its workflows, no matter what project you’re working on.

A base for any workflow

Now that you have a sense of what bases are, let’s explore how they can be used to manage almost any workflow.

Content production: Content teams use Airtable to manage every step in their shooting schedule to make a video series.

Product design + management: Design teams use Airtable to track the components and materials they use for production.

Editorial pipeline: Fora busy newsroom, Airtable gives the editorial team a way to manage every article in the works—including who’s working on it, where it is in the editorial process, and what section it will be published in.

Spring product launch: Event teams plan keynotes and conferences using Airtable, so that everything goes off without a hitch.

Pro tip

If you want to see some other interesting bases, have a look at our templates, or see what hundreds of other users have created by browsing Airtable Universe.

Take action: Create your first base!

Ready to create a base of your own? Jump into your workspace (that’s where bases are organized and you can invite your team), and it’ll only take a minute to get your first base up and running. Just hit the big gray + sign that says “Add a base”. 

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