Roll up, drill down

Get aligned at every altitude by tracking progress across programs, projects, and tasks.

Make smarter resourcing decisions

With visibility into resource allocation and utilization, you can unblock work and avoid burnout.

Standardize what’s working

Define repeatable processes and status reports to create predictability in your workflow.

Trusted by industry leaders


    "We save a lot of time and headaches by having a holistic project management model. We can actually do real project management now."

    Julian Clement

    Principal Program Strategist


    “As a global team across every continent it's complicated to keep everyone in the loop. Airtable keeps everyone in the loop.”

    Dan Clement

    Senior Director of Product


    “Airtable has saved time and budget, which has allowed us to have that time to take risks and to continue to grow creatively as a brand.”

    Korin Thorig

    VP, Creative Operations

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Use cases

But projects and tasks are just the beginning

Teams use Airtable to incorporate project management into larger business processes that connect entire departments. See what else is possible for your function. 

Create custom workflows to run campaigns and track successes.

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A dashboard in Airtable shows how many deliverables are launched, in review, blocked, etc

Build roadmaps and alignment while creating products customers love.

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Bring your data and processes into a single, well-organized place.

Explore Operations

Manage and streamline processes from hire to retire.

Explore Human Resources

Streamline requests, manage budgets, and automate reporting.

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A dashboard in Airtable shows how many deliverables are launched, in review, blocked, etc


You have questions, we have answers.

Project management is one of the most popular ways that teams use Airtable, but it’s far from the only way. Teams in diverse business functions like Marketing, Product, and Operations use Airtable to build apps and power connected workflows for all kinds of use cases.

For smaller teams, Airtable's Teams plan is a good fit. Larger enterprises can scale up to our Business or Enterprise Scale plans. See our pricing page for full details.

Project management tools offer a good starting point for simple, team-level task management. But, since they're so narrowly focused just on projects and tasks, teams find them restrictive for managing anything else. Projects and tasks are just one piece of your larger workflow. For example, Marketing teams use Airtable to connect strategic planning, content production, channel distribution, and measurement into a unified process with project management incorporated along the way.

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