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Centralize and analyze all your feedback

Bringing your customers’ insights into one place ensures you’re moving development in the right direction.

Collect and analyze insights

Connect product insights by pulling all feedback—across every tool and source—into a single, easy-to-find place.

Make sure feedback is assessed, linked out to the right initiative or product area, and automatically routed to the right teams for action: all in one place.

View and prioritize insights on customer feedback in real time with built-in, flexible reports and dashboards.

Plan and prioritize as an organization

Stay aligned on every initiative (and connected across every team) while keeping granular visibility into OKRs.

Set and align your objectives

Show business impact by creating team-level objectives that are highly visible, and clearly linked to organization-level OKRs and success.

Use your custom criteria and formulas to automatically score, prioritize, and tie features to specific OKRs.

Custom Views give stakeholders insight into OKR status, completion rates, risk scores, and more—all in real time.

Build a living roadmap

Build, manage, and deliver a roadmap that can power your whole organization, yet is stretchy enough to adjust to the unexpected.

Start building your roadmap

Align around a flexible, organization-wide roadmap. Customizable views let any department see their role, and plan accordingly.

Break projects down into tasks without losing links to critical information like PRDs or Jira issues.

Speed up work and keep teams moving with automations. You can set reminders, solicit feedback, even request approvals.

Learn, adapt, repeat

Built-in reporting quickly reveals key insights and best practices, making it even faster to take action and level up your processes.

Measure and improve product operations

With custom dashboards, every stakeholder sees only the information they care about. Generate executive launch reports, or show business impact over time, right from Airtable.

After a launch, gather feedback with simple forms. Then visualize that feedback to surface and document learnings, driving continuous improvements.

Calculate and visualize performance metrics to manage the overall health of product operations. Use your own formulas and rollups to customize it further.

Bring all the data you need into one place

Integrate your most important tools to bring more context into the product development process.

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