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So, you’ve done the hard work of collecting feedback, setting objectives, and crafting a detailed roadmap? (Great job, by the way!) Now, it’s time to do the thing—build and launch your product. 🎉

It’s possible you’ve handled past product delivery processes using a spreadsheet or a combination of solutions—and they may have even worked out! But a spreadsheet is a clunky source of truth, especially when your entire org is updating (or duplicating) it. And hacked-together tools more often than not lead to fragmentations in your processes.

Three steps to track ongoing product delivery in Airtable

Your team and overall organization can store and update all of your tasks in one database: Airtable. By keeping everyone on the same page, you can concentrate on what matters most: shipping your products out to customers.

Step 1. Start managing sprints and product delivery

Context is key—especially when you start sending out assignments (and deadlines) for an upcoming launch. When managing delivery, what and how you track every detail matters. In this step, learn how to capture it all in one place across projects, sprints and tasks.

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Step 2. Manage resources and ongoing delivery

Every project is made up of multiple tasks your teammates need to take action on. In this step, learn how to get granular and assign tasks out for each project.

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Step 3. Keep your org informed and on track

How do we track work that’s happening across the entire product organization? In this step, learn the best practices to keep key milestones and reviews on track and cross-functional teams and stakeholders informed with Airtable.

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Terms & Templates

Throughout these guides, we’ll reference two Airtable templates—a team-level base and an org-level base—as well as some typical product operations terminology. Get up to speed on both here.

Want to get oriented on the basics of Airtable? Get a crash course here.

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