Measure and improve product operations

So you pulled off a product launch, and now the time has come to measure your performance and make adjustments. Fortunately, these findings are easy to collect when you already have all of the data you need.

Learning and improving your processes requires having all of your data and metrics in one place, and Airtable can help with that. When you create relationships between pieces of information, you can easily uncover insights—insights you can use when you plan your next product launch.

Two steps to measure and improve product operations in Airtable

In this guide, you’ll receive some best practices from customers and our own product ops team to help you make those last-step learnings before you do it all over again. 

After you’ve mitigated risks throughout launch, you’ve reached the last stage of the product operations process—measurement and improvement—consists of two steps:

Step 1. Start measuring and reporting results

You’ve captured insights and learnings throughout every stage of the product ops process—in this step, learn how to start to aggregate insights for teams of all sizes.

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Explore Step 1 here.

Step 2. Understand the business impact of your product

How does your product contribute to the success of your business? In this step, explore two methods for understanding your product’s impact using Airtable.

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Explore Step 2 here.

Terms & Templates

Throughout these guides, we’ll reference two Airtable templates—a team-level base and an org-level base—as well as some typical product operations terminology. Get up to speed on both here.

Want to get oriented on the basics of Airtable? Get a crash course here.

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