Manage and review product launches

If you’re reading this, that means you’re ready to launch your product (or you’re planning to launch a product sometime in the future—either way, exciting!). 

But all product operations teams know that launch day means more than just pushing a button. Reviews need to be documented, teams across your organization should be aligned on any last-minute tasks, and of course, you have to prepare to collect feedback after everything goes down. Before your product’s go-live, you have to put in the work.

Three steps to manage and review launches in Airtable

When teams are scrambling to make last-minute changes, it’s easy for misalignment to creep in. That is, unless your org has access to all of the same, identically updated information. Airtable has the flexibility to hold all of your product ops data in one place—OKRs, roadmaps, sprint tasks, all of it—so cross-functional teams can be on the same page at all times. 

We’ve gathered tips from both our customers and our product-ops team; here are some best practices for using Airtable to manage and review your product launch.

To get more specific, launching a product is a process that involves three steps:

Step 1. Start managing product launches

Keep your stakeholders on the same page through launch. In this step, learn how to organize all of the information your product team needs in one place—OKRs, roadmaps, sprint tasks, and the like.

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Step 2. Drive retrospectives

Once you launch, it's time to start capturing feedback. In this step, learn several methods to drive retrospectives in Airtable.

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Step 3. Scale across your organization

Product launches involve so much more than just day-of logistics. In this step, learn how to use Airtable for clear, company-wide communication.

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Terms & Templates

Throughout these guides, we’ll reference two Airtable templates—a team-level base and an org-level base—as well as some typical product operations terminology. Get up to speed on both here.

Want to get oriented on the basics of Airtable? Get a crash course here.

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