Airtable Subprocessors

Last Updated: August 14, 2023

Airtable currently uses subprocessors to provide core infrastructure and other services. Prior to engaging any subprocessor, Airtable evaluates their privacy, security, and confidentiality practices and executes an agreement with the subprocessor governing applicable privacy and security obligations, including an appropriate data transfer mechanism where required.

Third Parties

Core Infrastructure Subprocessors

Airtable may use the following subprocessors for hosting customer data and providing or supporting the core infrastructure that helps deliver the Airtable services:




Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Cloud infrastructure


Box, Inc.

Attachment previews


Filestack, Inc.

Attachment uploads


Mailgun Technologies, Inc.

Transactional email


Twilio, Inc.

Two-factor authentication

USA, Inc.

Support for Airtable’s automation functionality


Other Third-Party Subprocessors

Airtable may use the following subprocessors to perform other service functions:

CloudPlus, Inc.Customer support, professional services USA, Inc.Video conferencing, call recordingUSA, Germany
OpenAI, LLC*Artificial intelligence providerUSA
PartnerHero, Inc.Customer support servicesUSA, Germany, Honduras, Romania, Philippines, Inc.Customer support servicesUSA
Solvvy, Inc.Customer support servicesUSA
Zoom Video Communications, Inc.Video conferencing, call recordingUSA

*Only for customers using Airtable AI .


Depending on the geographic location of a customer, or its permitted users, and the nature of the services provided, Airtable may engage one or more of its affiliates as subprocessors to deliver some or all of the services offered. Such affiliates currently include:

Formagrid Canada Ltd. Airtable subsidiaryCanada
Formagrid UK Ltd.Airtable subsidiaryUnited Kingdom

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