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Harness the power of JavaScript with preset templates that eliminate redundant work

Harness the power of JavaScript with preset templates that eliminate redundant work

Airtable scripts can help you eliminate manual, repetitive tasks to save time and increase your team's efficiency. Learn how they're more accessible than ever with the launch of script templates in the Airtable Marketplace.

While Airtable's core feature set has enabled our customers to develop some incredibly useful bases to streamline their workflows, we often see them getting hung up on manual efforts required to perform complex tasks like data validation, creating batch records, and data deduplication.

That’s why earlier this year we released the scripting app, which enables creators to harness the power of JavaScript code within their Airtable bases to build mini-applications.

Many of our JavaScript-savvy creators have developed some truly remarkable use cases, from finding and replacing phrases within a base:


to converting data into project reports:


to adding images from URLs:

add-img (1).gif

And that’s only a few!

However, if you’re unfamiliar with JavaScript or typically curl up into a ball and sit in a corner when you think about manipulating code, you’ve likely avoided the scripting app.

Well, today that changes.

Introducing: script templates

We’re thrilled to launch script templates in the Airtable Marketplace. Script templates are pre-built scripts listed in the Marketplace, ready for you to install into your base and use with just a couple clicks. At the time of the publication of this article, we've made these powerful use cases available:

  1. Find and replace: find and replace all text matches for a field

  2. Convert URLs to attachments: upload all attachments for URLs in a field

  3. Add image from Google Maps: insert an aerial view of a location from Google Maps into an attachment field

  4. Delete duplicates: find and remove duplicate records in a table based on two input fields

  5. Randomize values: fill all cells in a particular field with random values

  6. Validate emails: list all invalid emails for a field

  7. Create junction table: create all possible combinations of linked records from two tables

  8. Create child linked records: for a record in a "parent" table, create "child" records in another table

  9. Import YouTube analytics: enrich your table with metadata for your videos via the YouTube Data API

  10. Create records for multiple templates: create tasks from a template based on project type

  11. Table optimizer: turn long records into individual data points

  12. Shift scheduler: assign people to shifts or events based on their recurring availability

It's plug-and-play

To install a script template, simply navigate to the "scripts" section, select the use case that best fits your need, and install it directly into a scripting app in your base. That’s it.


Scripts are a great way to add advanced functionality to your Airtable base, and with the introduction of script templates' plug-and-play functionality, it's never been easier to use them.

Get started with script templates now

Wanted: savvy script authors

The power of scripts is limitless, so we're opening up the inspirational floodgates by allowing our community to submit their own innovative script templates for Airtable Marketplace listing.

Have something for consideration? Submit it here for review and our team will add it to the queue for listing. Happy scripting!

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