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New features help enterprises overcome organizational silos and improve discovery and connections

New features help enterprises overcome organizational silos and improve discovery and connections

Today we’re introducing the Airtable Connected Apps Platform™, a suite of new features and updated capabilities that allow teams to create apps on top of shared, real-time data. Teams can customize connected apps for their most critical and unique workflows — from managing product roadmaps to launching marketing campaigns to tracking job applicants — all on a single platform. With each department and their workflows deeply connected, large enterprises can execute with greater agility and reduce the costs of organizational silos and disconnected data. 

Misalignment at Scale

The average enterprise uses an estimated 300 to 1,000 specialized apps, locking critical pieces of information within team-specific tools and making only a small piece of the puzzle accessible. This sprawl leads to fractures inside organizations, fueling inefficiency, disillusioning employees, and risking costly mistakes with huge financial impact. 

Unleashing the Power of Connected Apps 

Today and over the next year, Airtable is introducing multiple new features to help organizations deploy, manage, and scale connected apps across hundreds of teams, including:

  • Two-way sync keeps data updated in real time: Coming in early 2023, bi-directional sync ensures customers’ data is always connected and up-to-date. Records edited in one app will automatically sync across the source and destination app, so no manual or repetitive updates are required. Teams can be confident they’re always working with the most up-to-date and accurate data, and that changes made in one place will be reflected in connected sources across the organization.

  • Verified data ensures teams have the most reliable information: Coming in early 2023, verified data delivers new ways for organizations to publish and verify their shared company data in Airtable. With verified data,  the datasets that matter most and are used across many teams, including employee directories, customer feedback summaries, and product roadmaps, are easily identifiable, discoverable, and reliable so  teams have the confidence they’re connecting to the right data when building apps.  

  • A redesigned home screen to find and use connected apps: Available to Enterprise customers today and available to all customers in early 2023, a fully redesigned and customized home screen, built for the enterprise, makes it easier to find the information that’s most important to teams. The home experience features improved search to make finding apps easier and faster, more prominently highlights recently accessed apps, and allows customers to set favorites for commonly used apps.

  • Apps by Airtable make it easy to get started: Coming in early 2023, a new library of Airtable-certified, easy to install apps, built off the learnings and insights from some of the world’s largest organizations, are tailored to address the common sets of problems within specific functions such as tracking marketing campaigns, planning product launches, or setting a product roadmap, to make it even easier to get started in Airtable. 

  • Interface Designer expanded and available to all customers: Previously available only in beta and now available to all customers, Interface Designer enables people to build and share a custom interface so their data becomes accessible and actionable no matter how complex. Newly added elements like Calendar Timeline, and Kanban allow teams to visualize data. Redesigned navigation makes it easier for teams to break workflows down into individual pages and navigate across them. New buttons allow teams to harness the full power of Airtable and run an automation or update a record with just one click. A new sidebar makes it easier for users to create, customize, and view their interface.

  • New permissions enable enterprise governance at scale: Available to all customers today, new features power collaboration at scale by making sharing information across the organization easier and more secure. New filtering capabilities allow customers to control what information in the app others can view, edit, or share.

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“As every organization needs to move faster to meet customer demands, knowledge work is getting more fractured. Companies need a way to unify their teams and connect their data, enabling people to work autonomously, yet in coordinated fashion,” says Airtable CEO and co-founder Howie Liu. “We’re creating the Airtable Connected Apps Platform to help enterprises bridge these fractures and ensure people closest to the work can build apps that fit the needs of their businesses.”

Airtable serves many of the world’s largest organizations across industries, including Amazon, Baker Hughes, IBM, LVMH, Netflix, Nike, Red Bull, Restoration Hardware, and Under Armour.

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