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Airtable's new view lets customers easily see their publication schedule in calendar form

Airtable's new view lets customers easily see their publication schedule in calendar form

Okay, we’re not saying we’re basing our product roadmap on the technological achievements of the ancient Babylonians or anything, but it does seem right that after nailing down records management for the post-clay-tablet era, we’re moving on to calendars.

Starting today, you’ll see a new view type nestled beside forms and grids: calendar! When you create a new calendar view, you can pick a date field to plot your records on a monthly calendar.

You’ll also see a full list of records in the righthand sidebar. By using the dropdown menu, you can choose to see all your records, only records that are scheduled in a nice list ordered by date, or unscheduled records that you can easily drag onto the calendar to schedule.


And just like any other view in Airtable, you can easily create a shareable link to a calendar or embed it on your site.

Can’t wait to get started with calendar view? Here are a few features to try out for yourself:

  • Click and drag a card on the calendar to reschedule an event: Realized that you’ve scheduled four stories about the ergonomics of successful lemonade stands for publication on the same day? Simply click the card for each extra story and drag it to a new day to reschedule!

  • Apply filters to hone in on only the events that matter most: Filters work just the same in a calendar view as in a grid view, so you can pick as many parameters as you like to narrow down the cards that get displayed. So if you’re planning a training schedule for your prize guinea pig in preparation for the guinea pig agility regional semifinals, you can easily filter to show only maze workout or wheel sprint days.

  • Quickly jump to the right view for your needs: Because it’s easy to switch between grid and calendar views, you can quickly run through a list of records in a grid view, then effortlessly switch to see them on a calendar for a different perspective. Now you can browse the lesson plan for every session of your groundbreaking seminar on ancient Phoenician cookery in the grid view before flipping over to the calendar to get a visual sense of when they’re scheduled.

  • Create new calendar views for each date field: That means if you need to create a separate calendar view for watering vs weeding days in order to optimize your rainbow kohlrabi harvest system, it’s as simple as selecting the corresponding date field for each calendar view.

Want to see the calendar in action? Check out how one editor uses Airtable to manage an editorial calendar.

To learn more about how to create, edit, and otherwise manipulate the new calendar view, visit the support page. Have any questions or want to share how you’re using calendar? Drop us a note at


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