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With Airtable’s new asset review feature, you can expedite your team’s creative production process with clear, specific feedback.

With Airtable’s new asset review feature, you can expedite your team’s creative production process with clear, specific feedback.

Reviews and approvals on creative assets can be painful and confusing—but they can't be avoided. Whether you're working on a product shot for an upcoming campaign, a layout for a landing page, or even an image like the one at the top of this blog post, submitting for review and aligning with stakeholders is a crucial step.

Vague and unclear comments turn feedback into frustration and force your team to spend time and energy asking clarifying questions, meeting to chat through the feedback, and spinning their wheels trying to figure out how to move forward. What teams need is clear, specific feedback that helps them understand what a reviewer would like to see updated and where specifically those changes should be made. Which is why we’re excited to announce asset review, a new feature in Airtable to help your team manage the creative feedback process and get to approval, faster.

Speed up feedback without sacrificing work quality

Without clear feedback, working through multiple rounds of revisions and updates to a single asset can take days or even weeks. This slows down your entire content creation pipeline—delaying publishing dates, campaign launches, and more. With asset review, your team is able to give feedback quickly, in the same place where content is planned, so there’s no time wasted switching back and forth between tools, and you have a record of all your feedback in one place. Plus, asset review ensures that the feedback is specific by giving reviewers the ability to leave comments directly on the correct area of the image or video. Your creative team knows exactly what each comment means and what the reviewer is referring to in their feedback. That way, your team can move through feedback and get to a final version faster, while still keeping your quality bar high.

How to use asset review

Asset review builds on existing Airtable functionality so it’s easy to implement with your team. To use asset review, first start in the base where you’ll be working through your creative assets. Make sure that your base has an attachment field so you can easily upload image or video files and associate them with the correct records in your base.


When you have an asset ready for feedback, simply upload the attachment to the corresponding record in your base. Once uploaded, let you team know that you are ready for feedback by @mentioning them in a comment. Or, if you consistently have the same folks reviewing work, set up an automation that automatically sends them a Slack message or an email when an attachment is added to notify them that you’re ready for review.

Reviewers can then open the attachment and leave feedback directly on the image or video. These comments will show up as annotations on the image, and teammates can open them to get a full view of the feedback they received on their work.


As your team works through the feedback, they can follow up with clarifying questions or thoughts by replying directly to each comment. These comments stay threaded, helping you keep conversations focused to move through revisions quickly.


Suggestions for using asset review

Asset review can be used whenever you’re giving feedback or adding commentary to an attachment in Airtable. Internally, we use asset review to give feedback on designs, point out bugs or problems in product screenshots, and any time we have specific feedback we’d like to give.

If you need some inspiration, here are a few use cases that we think are a great fit for asset review. Bonus: you can use a pre-made Airtable template to get up and running in minutes.

Start leaving feedback today

Asset review is available on all Airtable plans, so any customer can start leaving feedback today—simply open an attachment and start commenting. We can’t wait to see the beautiful images and videos you’ll create with Airtable.

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