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Congratulations to the ten winners of our very first Airtable Blocks contest!

Congratulations to the ten winners of our very first Airtable Blocks contest!

Note: On September 14, 2020 we changed the name of Blocks to Apps. You can learn more about this name change here.

A few weeks ago, we launched our very first Blocks Contest to celebrate the developer preview of Custom Blocks! With $100,000 in prizes across three categories—blocks for business teams, blocks for education and non-profit, and wildcard—we anticipated a proliferation of creative blocks.  Over the years, the Airtable community has shown us time and again their ability to exceed any ideas we might have for what they’d build. And indeed, this was no exception.

Custom Blocks gives our customers the ability to create and deploy their own custom front-end applications on top of Airtable. This dramatically extends and deepens the value of use cases that can be solved with our platform. With Custom Blocks, development teams spend less time dealing with database setup, authentication, real-time CRUD interfaces, and collaboration and spend more time building unique functionality that fits their needs.

That power is reflected in the over 100 incredible entries we received for the contest: from deep vertical-specific applications to flexible utilities any team can leverage, our entrants explored a wide range of possibilities in just a few short weeks.

While that made choosing winners extra hard for our judges, we’ve never been more excited about Custom Blocks and the incredible things that the community will build with the platform as it continues to evolve. Moreover, all of the block submissions are open source. We'll be featuring many of the standout submissions in the Airtable blocks gallery for the community to remix in the coming weeks.

We’re continuously impressed with the solutions organizations are able to create for themselves using Airtable. Winners built a wide range of applications, from an app that allows you to add annotations to images, connecting designers and communicators like never before, to a learning management system that allows schools to publish online courses. Read all about the amazing things the winners created on our blog

Winners include:

  • Best Block Winner - Annotate (Developer: Amr E)


  • Blocks for Business Teams Winners - KnowledgeBlock (Developer: Carlton Keedy),

  • Shipping block - (Developer: Nicolas Grenié)


  • Scheduler (Developer: Kamille Parks)

  • Human Intelligence Block (Developer, Tommy Chan)


  • Special Runner Up Post to WorkPress (Developer, Kuovonne V)


  • Blocks for Education or Nonprofit Winners - AirLearn (Developer Gustavo Zomer)


  • Link Records by Fields (Developer Patrick Sier)

  • Wildcard Block Winners - Chrysopelea (Developer: Ace Thompson)


  • Eazyfields from Superfields (Developer: Ronen Babayoff)


Want to try building a block yourself? Check out our developer site and sign up for the custom blocks beta today. To stay up-to-date on our platform as it evolves, sign up for our developer newsletter.

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