Airtable AI Makes Modern AI Accessible Across the Enterprise

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With Airtable AI, companies can seamlessly integrate AI into their work and increase output

With Airtable AI, companies can seamlessly integrate AI into their work and increase output

Today we’re introducing Airtable AI, the easiest and fastest way to deploy AI-powered applications for the enterprise. As companies evaluate the breakthroughs in modern AI and the best way to implement them across their organizations, Airtable’s new AI components and intuitive no-code interface makes it simple for teams to integrate powerful AI capabilities into their own data and workflows. With these capabilities embedded into Airtable’s next-generation platform, organizations can power a wide range of processes all in one place – from producing job requirements, to managing marketing campaigns, to planning new research and product development initiatives. 

Putting the Power of AI in the Hands of More Knowledge Workers

AI is projected to fuel a massive transformation in the economy, increasing annual global GDP by $7 trillion and lifting productivity growth by 1.5% over the next decade, according to research from Goldman Sachs. However, as companies race to rethink their technology, teams, and processes to seize this opportunity, they face enormous challenges in deploying AI across their workforces. Despite the impressive advances in large foundation models that power today’s consumer-friendly generative AI tools, it remains difficult for people to apply modern AI to their current systems and processes at work.

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Airtable AI includes a library of pre-built components, templates, and prompts that can be easily customized and chained together to support advanced and creative forms of knowledge work. Airtable’s approachable interface will include a new AI field type that requires no prior experience with AI or coding, enabling the people closest to the work to experiment with AI, integrate it into their operations, and build their proficiency with the technology. 

“With AI breakthroughs that are capable of a broad range of reasoning and creative work, every form of knowledge work faces imminent transformation,” says Airtable co-founder and CEO Howie Liu. “Our vision is to help enterprises embed AI into every workflow across their organization. Airtable’s no-code approach, which enables companies to rapidly build highly engaging apps, now offers the ability to embed and customize AI components to power any use case.” 

Customers can apply for early access to Airtable AI starting today, with a full release to come in approximately three months. Airtable AI will be an optional paid feature, with details on pricing and availability coming soon. 


Reimagining the Enterprise App Building Experience

Airtable is also introducing a completely new app building experience that enables enterprises to operate with more agility and get products and services to market faster, better, and cheaper. With pre-configured apps and a simple “create from scratch” experience, people can build apps that power and connect valuable data and processes across departments, in as little as 15 minutes. Specific new capabilities include: 

  • Apps by Airtable: Available for qualified Enterprise customers, Apps by Airtable delivers a new library of pre-configured and customizable apps built on shared data across the organization. The apps are tailored to address common sets of enterprise problems including operating revenue-driving marketing campaigns or producing customer-centric product roadmaps, so teams can benefit from the learnings and insights from some of the world’s largest organizations and drive better business outcomes faster.

  • Verified Data: Enterprise customers can now centrally manage critical, frequently used data sets and empower their teams to build apps using verified information. With Verified Data, organizations can both easily govern important sources of truth – like employee directories, retail store locations, and product roadmaps – and make them accessible for teams to incorporate in their work, helping them operate with greater agility.

  • Two Way Sync: New bi-directional sync capabilities will enable Enterprise customers to achieve greater agility and alignment by ensuring data across the organization is connected and up-to-date. Records edited in one app will automatically sync across the source and destination app, so no manual or repetitive updates are required and teams can be confident they’re always working with the most up-to-date and accurate data.

Providing Expanded Services to Enterprise Customers

To bring the power of Airtable’s next-generation platform to our Enterprise customers, we are also introducing Airtable’s Services Partner Program, which includes 41 launch partners. This new program will help enterprises benefit from accredited partners’ relevant industry expertise and product knowledge in order to maximize the value of their investment in Airtable. We’ll expand on this program in the coming months, offering more partners the opportunity to connect with teams at the more than 450,000 organizations on Airtable.

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