Airtable launches new solution to empower marketing teams

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New research from Airtable reveals 80% of marketing leaders say the volume of work has increased over the last year, with the average leader losing a day and a half of work every week on manual, operational tasks

New research from Airtable reveals 80% of marketing leaders say the volume of work has increased over the last year, with the average leader losing a day and a half of work every week on manual, operational tasks

Airtable’s new marketing solution helps teams carry out their most important work with greater agility, flexibility, and scale. The Airtable Marketing Trends Report, uncovers the unique pain points marketing teams encounter as they deliver high quality, creative campaigns and content at breakneck speeds.

“It is time to connect people, processes, and systems to move work forward,” says Archana Agrawal, CMO of Airtable. “We must go beyond the rigid hierarchies, siloed tools, and crippling gaps in knowledge sharing that make our operations unwieldy. Marketing teams need to establish a source of truth and demand flexible solutions to build processes tailored to their business and customer needs.” 

Key features and capabilities of Airtable’s marketing solution include:

  • Airtable Sync: Marketers can combine similar data from the multiple sources they’re using everyday, including Salesforce and Jira Cloud, into one, continuously updated view so workflows are streamlined. 

  • Views: Airtable now provides five different ways to view your data - Grid, Calendar, Kanban, Gallery, and Gantt. Changes made in one person’s view are immediately reflected in everyone else’s view and teams can define and apply their own set of filters to narrow in on just the information they care about. 

  • Asset Review: Teams can expedite their creative production process by giving feedback quickly and in the same place where content is planned. Now there’s no time wasted switching back and forth between tools and there’s a record of all the feedback in one place.

  • Airtable Apps: Apps help teams create customized software tailored to their individual marketing flows, use our web clipper app to pull visual inspiration from all over the internet directly into your Airtable base, use a countdown app for an upcoming deadline or create your app to streamline your marketing workflow. 

  • Airtable Integrations: The average marketing team uses 23 marketing tools on a regular basis—60% of leaders say the process for synchronizing data across tools is somewhat, or completely manual. Teams can integrate their Airtable marketing base with platforms they already use including Salesforce, Google Calendar, Box, Hootsuite, Sprinklr, and Microsoft Outlook to save time, increase efficiency, and free teams up to focus on more strategic tasks. 

  • Airtable Automations: Automating even the most complex workflows, or doing something as simple as having an action trigger a tweet, email, or Slack message, Airtable Automations is a powerful rules engine that lets marketing teams work faster, smarter, and leaner. By setting up simple if-then rules, teams can save time, boost productivity, and eliminate human errors. 

  • Airtable Templates: New and updated templates for the most common marketing use cases will let teams get a jump start on their next project. Marketing templates samples: marketing campaign tracker, content calendar, product launch, social media calendar, blog editorial calendar, event planning, digital asset management, and content operations.

The “future of work” for marketing teams starts with Airtable. Airtable empowers marketing teams to streamline content and campaign workflows, move quickly and drive business growth. Teams can create a single source of truth for all their marketing work and keep aligned on plans, even as business needs change and evolve. Today, millions of marketers across 250,000 organizations — including Netflix, Red Bull, IBM, and Under Armour, and more than half of the Fortune 1,000 use Airtable.

Airtable for Marketing is available to marketing teams beginning today. For more information on the solution, please visit

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