Service Level Agreement

Last Updated: March 26, 2024

Airtable provides a 99.9% uptime commitment for active customers on our Enterprise and Enterprise Scale plans (and certain Business plan customers who have agreed to Airtable’s Master Subscription Agreement), subject to the terms below.

To review current and historical uptime, visit our Status Page.

Uptime Commitment

Airtable will provide Uptime equal to at least 99.9% of the total time in each calendar month, as measured by Airtable (the “Uptime Commitment”). “Uptime” means the total time, in minutes, during the relevant calendar month less the Downtime during that calendar month. We measure Uptime using server monitoring software, which monitors, among other things, server-side success and error rates, client-side success and error rates, and the overall volume of server requests (including both requests from Airtable's clients and public API requests).


Downtime” means the time, in minutes, that the applicable Services are not generally accessible and available, excluding inaccessibility or unavailability due to (a) the Customer’s or the Customer’s Permitted Users’ acts or omissions, (b) the Customer’s or the Customer’s Permitted Users’ and/or third-party equipment, software, or other technology (other than third-party equipment within Airtable’s direct control), (c) the Customer’s or the Customer’s Permitted User-supplied integrations or API customizations that interfere with the operation of the Services, (d) slowness or other performance issues with Airtable Product features, (e) Internet outages, or computer or telecommunications failures or delays, (f) Force Majeure Events, (g) scheduled maintenance disclosed with at least 24 hours’ notice, (h) hacking or virus attacks, or (i) reasonable emergency maintenance.

Service Credits

If the Uptime Commitment is not met during any particular calendar month during the Service Term, then Enterprise plan Customers will be eligible for a service credit (“Service Credit”) equal to ten (10) times the fees paid from the applicable Customer to Airtable for the affected Services for the portion of the calendar month that constituted Downtime (calculated by dividing Downtime by the total number of minutes in the calendar month), provided that the Customer reports to Airtable such failure to meet the Uptime Commitment and requests such Service Credit in accordance with this Service Level Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, fees paid by the Customer shall be allocated on a per-minute basis over the calendar month for which they were paid.

To request a Service Credit, Customers must send an email to Airtable at within thirty (30) days of the end of the month in which the Uptime Commitment was not met. The Customer must include either its account ID or registered email address, and the previously reported dates and times when there was Downtime.

If Airtable confirms that a Customer is eligible for a Service Credit, Airtable will issue a credit to the Customer’s account within thirty (30) days. Service Credits are not refunds, cannot be exchanged into a cash amount, and may only be used against future billing charges. The Service Credits shall be the Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy, and Airtable’s sole and exclusive liability, for any failure by Airtable to meet the Uptime Commitment.


Any capitalized terms not defined in this Service Level Agreement have the meanings given to them in Airtable’s Master Subscription Agreement (the "MSA"). References to the “Services” in this Service Level Agreement also mean the “Airtable Products” (or similar term), as used in the MSA.


As Airtable evolves, we may change our Service Level Agreement, so we encourage you to regularly check this page for updates.