Applicant, Employee, and Contractor Privacy Notice

Last Updated: December 16, 2022

  1. Scope

    This Privacy Notice applies to personal information of applicants, employees, and contractors that Airtable collects and processes in the course of human resources operations (as defined below). This Privacy Notice explains the kinds of information we may collect, how we intend to use and disclose that information, the legal basis on which we process that information, and how you may update or make changes to your information. This Privacy Notice does not form part of your contract of employment.

  2. Definitions
    1. Defined terms referenced but not otherwise defined in this Privacy Notice have the meanings set forth below.
      1. Airtable,” “we,” “us ,” and “our ” refer to Formagrid Inc, doing business as Airtable, along with its affiliates and subsidiaries, including Formagrid UK Limited and Formagrid Canada Limited. Your employing entity acts as the controller of your personal information.
      2. you ” and “your ” refer to, as applicable, applicants, employees, and contractors of Airtable.
      3. personal information ” refers to information that identifies, relates to, describes, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular individual. It does not include aggregated or de-identified information that is maintained in a form that is not capable of being associated with or reasonably linked to you.
      4. human resources operations ” refers to operations relating to an individual’s employment or engagement as a contractor, including recruiting, hiring, promotion, retention, and termination activities, from submission of an application or proposal, throughout the course of the individual’s employment or engagement, and following such employment or engagement.
  3. Personal Information We Collect and How it is Collected
    1. Airtable collects personal information from job (and contracting position) applicants, and current and former employees and contractors. The personal information we collect may include:
      1. Identifiers, including your name, address, phone number, email address, and date of birth;
      2. Government-issued identification numbers, such as your passport number, driver’s license number, Social Security number, Social Insurance Number, or other government-issued identification number;
      3. Professional and education information, such as information that may be recorded on a resume/CV or application form; information from reference letters, reference checks, and interview notes; information about your employment status and history, including positions held, evaluations, performance reviews, disciplinary records, promotions/demotions, and awards or commendations earned ; education, including degrees received; professional qualifications; language abilities; and information about training and courses completed or attended;
      4. Compensation information, including salary, pay level, authorized deductions, expense reports and other payroll information; and timesheets, hours worked, vacation time, and sick time;
      5. Financial information, such as your bank details for payroll;
      6. Benefits information, including, if applicable, information on benefits enrolment forms, insurance coverage and claims information, and beneficiary information;
      7. Internet or Network Activity, including internet usage, browsing history, and IP address;
      8. Medical information, such as details of health and disability, including medical information, health insurance information, mental health, medical leave, and maternity leave;
      9. Demographic information, including information about marital status, national origin, or immigration status; and optional demographic information, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, or veteran status;
      10. Background check information, including financial information related to credit checks, and data relating to criminal convictions, such as background checks on job applicants;
      11. Other information, su ch as identification and security information like access card issuance and use, photographs, video surveillance, etc. used for security purposes and information relating to employee adherence to employment policies and to other security and internal control matters, including information collected through electronic monitoring; or
      12. Contact information of third parties, such as contacts in case of an emergency, and information about spouses and dependents as beneficiaries for benefits purposes.
    2. Certain personal information may be deemed “sensitive” or “special category” personal information under applicable data protection law. This may include government-issued identification numbers, financial information, medical information, demographic information, and background check information.
    3. Airtable collects personal information from the following sources:
      1. When You Provide It Directly to Us. We collect personal information when you provide it directly to us, such as when you apply for a job, or otherwise engage or communicate with us, for example throughout the course of your employment or to make employment-related inquiries.
      2. Posting on Intra-Company Sites. Airtable may offer intra-company accessible sites, pages, messaging channels, blogs, wikis, or forums ( “ Intra-Airtable Sites ”) where you can submit information such as your name and/or picture, in addition to the content you post.
      3. Use of Airtable Information Technology Systems and Networks.Airtable may collect certain information automatically through the course of your employment or engagement as a contractor, such as your Internet protocol (IP) address, inferred location based on your IP address or activities, device identifiers associated with your computer or device, mobile carrier and related information, activity logs, and other information about activities you engage in on Airtable property, equipment, accounts, systems, and networks.
      4. CCTV Footage. Airtable may monitor our premises using CCTV cameras. Airtable may monitor our premises using CCTV cameras. Airtable may monitor our premises using CCTV cameras.
      5. Surveys.From time to time, we may ask you to participate in voluntary surveys. If you decide to participate, you may be asked to provide certain information which may include personal information.
      6. Contests.Occasionally, Airtable may run contests. We ask those who participate to provide information relevant to the contest.
      7. Information from Other Sources.We may collect or receive information about you from other sources, including through third-party services and organizations, to supplement information provided by you. For example, where permitted by law, we may conduct background checks on you prior to your employment or engagement with Airtable. This supplemental information allows us to verify information that you have provided to Airtable.
      8. Miscellaneous Information.We may receive or collect other miscellaneous information (for example, information you choose to disclose during the interview process, whether in verbal or written form, opinions generated during the interview process, information provided to us during performance reviews, and information provided by references).
  4. How Airtable Uses Your Personal Information
    1. We process personal information for a variety of business purposes including:
      1. To assess your suitability, aptitude, skills, qualifications, and interests for employment or engagement with Airtable;
      2. To communicate with you about the application process and/or your application;
      3. To assist you with obtaining an immigration visa or work permit (where required and requested by you);
      4. To take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract or other relationship with you (for example, after we have sent you a job offer, we need to process certain personal information in order to enter into an employment relationship with you);
      5. Workflow management, including assigning, managing, and administering projects;
      6. Human resources operations administration and communication;
      7. Payroll and the provision of benefits;
      8. Compensation, including bonuses and long-term incentive administration, stock plan administration, compensation analysis, including monitoring overtime and compliance with labor laws, and company recognition programs;
      9. To send you gifts or cards, or provide you with other perks;
      10. To pursue our legitimate interests as a company (for example, fraud prevention, network and information security, disclosure to affiliated organizations for administrative tasks, employee monitoring for safety or management, whistleblowing schemes, enforcement of legal claims, and research purposes);
      11. Job grading activities;
      12. Performance and employee development management;
      13. Organizational development and succession planning;
      14. Benefits and personnel administration;
      15. Absence management;
      16. Helpdesk and IT support services;
      17. Internal and/or external or governmental compliance investigations;
      18. Internal or external audits;
      19. Where it is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims;
      20. Diversity and inclusion initiatives;
      21. Restructuring and relocation;
      22. Emergency contacts and services;
      23. Employee safety;
      24. To comply with our legal obligations;
      25. Processing of employee expenses and travel charges;
      26. Acquisitions, divestitures, and integrations; and
      27. As you otherwise agree or consent.
    2. Airtable does not envisage that any decisions will be taken about you using automated means (when an electronic system uses personal information to make a decision without human intervention). If this changes, we will inform you of this and your rights in more detail.
  5. How Airtable Discloses Your Information
    1. We may disclose your information with your permission, or as described in this Privacy Notice, including as follows:
      1. Vendors and Service Providers. We may disclose any information we receive to vendors and service providers. The types of service providers with whom we entrust personal information include service providers of: (i) IT and related services; (ii) processing and maintenance services relating to our human resources operations; (iii) technology supporting our business operations.
      2. Benefits Providers. In providing benefits to our workforce, we must disclose certain personal information to benefits providers.
      3. Affiliates and Subsidiaries. Airtable may share personal information with our affiliates and subsidiaries for our and our affiliates’ and subsidiaries’ internal business purposes.
      4. Displaying to Other Individuals. When you post content to the Intra-Airtable Sites, other individuals may be able to see that information . If you choose to submit content to any public area of the Intra-Airtable Sites, such content will be considered “ public” and will not be subject to the privacy protections set forth in this Privacy Notice.
      5. References Requested by Other Individuals. We may provide a full reference, with your authorization, or a limited reference regarding your job title and dates of employment to parties requesting an employment reference.
      6. Disclosures Required by Law or to Protect Us or Others. We may access, preserve, and disclose your personal information if we believe doing so is required or appropriate to: (i) comply with a legal obligation to which we are subject, for example a requirement under applicable tax or insurance law; (ii) comply with law enforcement or national security requests and legal process, such as a court order or subpoena, or investigation request; (iii) protect your, our, or others’ rights, property, or safety; (iv) to enforce Airtable policies and contracts; (v) to collect amounts owed to us; (vi) when we believe disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent financial loss or in connection with an investigation or prosecution of suspected or actual illegal activity; or (vii) if we, in good faith, believe that disclosure is otherwise necessary or advisable.
      7. Merger, Sale, or Other Asset Transfers. If we are involved in a merger, acquisition, financing due diligence, reorganization, bankruptcy, receivership, sale of company assets, or transition of service to another entity, then your information may be transferred as part of such a transaction as permitted by law and/or contract.
  6. International Data Transfers

    All information collected may be transferred, processed, and stored anywhere in the world, including but not limited to, the United States, in order to carry out our human resources operations. If your personal information is transferred outside of your home jurisdiction, we will ensure that we rely on an appropriate legal mechanism for the transfer, such as your consent, standard contractual clauses (or their equivalent), or adequacy decisions. You may request more information from us on the measures in place when transferring your personal information outside of your jurisdiction by contacting

  7. Legal Grounds for Using Your Personal Information
    1. Certain jurisdictions require us to identify the legal basis for processing personal information. There are various grounds on which we can rely to process your personal information. Generally, Airtable’s processing of your personal information is necessary for the screening, performance, and/or conclusion of the relevant employment or services contract, relationship, or engagement (“Employment Grounds”). In general, you are required to provide your personal information, except in limited instances when we indicate that the provision of information is voluntary (e.g., in connection with surveys). If you do not provide your personal information, certain human resources operations might be delayed or impossible.
    2. Where applicable, we rely on the following legal grounds for the processing of your personal information:
      1. Contract Performance. Processing is necessary for the performance of the employment or services contract, relationship, or engagement (for example collecting bank details to pay your salary or processing information to provide you with the contractual benefits to which you are entitled);
      2. Legal Obligation. Processing is necessary or mandatory for compliance with a legal obligation (for example, disclosing personal information to the relevant tax and social security authorities, making statutory payments, avoiding unlawful termination, avoiding unlawful discrimination, meeting statutory record keeping requirements or health and safety obligations);
      3. Legitimate Interest. Processing is necessary or mandatory for realizing a legitimate interest (for example where Airtable has an identified legitimate interest in ensuring fair and effective recruitment of suitable personnel and the effective reward, administration, support, development and management of staff); and
      4. Vital Interest. Processing is necessary or mandatory to protect the vital interests of an applicant, employee, contractor, or other person.
    3. In limited circumstances and to the extent required by local law, we may rely on your explicit consent for some uses of certain personal information, including special category personal information. If we need your explicit consent, we will notify you of the personal information we intend to use and how we intend to use it, as required by local law, so that you can decide whether you wish to grant explicit consent. You do not have to give us consent. Where you have given us consent to collect, use, or disclose your personal information in a certain way, you may withdraw your consent at any time. If you wish to withdraw any consent that you have given us, please contact us using the details below. Please note that if you refuse to consent or withdraw your consent, this will not have any negative consequences in relation to your employment relationship with us.
    4. We may also process special category personal information where we need to carry out our legal obligations or exercise rights in connection with employment or where it is needed in the public interest, such as for equal opportunities monitoring. Less commonly, we may process this type of information where it is needed in relation to legal claims or where it is needed to protect your interests (or someone else's interests) and you are not capable of giving your consent, or where you have already made the information public.
  8. Individual Rights In Personal Information

    The rights you have depend on where you live. If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact us as set forth below. We will process such requests in accordance with applicable laws, taking into consideration any applicable exceptions that may limit such rights. If there is an applicable exception, we will notify you of such exception in our response. We will not retaliate against you in any way for exercising any of these rights. To protect your privacy, Airtable will take steps to verify your identity before fulfilling your request.

    1. If you live in California, you have the following rights:
      1. Right to Know. You can ask us to give you information about our collection and use of your personal information, including providing you the specific pieces of personal information we collected about you.
      2. Right to Delete. You can ask us to delete your personal information that we collected from you, subject to certain exceptions.
      3. Right to Correct. You can ask us to correct any inaccurate personal information we have about you.

      4. You may have an authorized agent make a request on your behalf, but we will require proof of authorization from the agent, and you must verify your identity with us and confirm that you gave the agent permission to submit the request on your behalf.

    2. If you live in the United Kingdom or European Economic Area, you have the following rights:
      1. Right of Access. You can ask us to give you information about our collection and use of your personal information, including providing a copy of your information in a commonly used, machine-readable format.
      2. Right to Erasure. You can ask us to delete your personal information, subject to certain limitations.
      3. Right to Rectification. You can ask us to correct any inaccurate or incomplete personal information that we have about you.
      4. Right to Object You can object to our processing of your personal information that we undertake for tasks in our legitimate interests.
      5. Right to Restriction of Processing. You can request that we stop certain processing of your information because: (1) you contest the accuracy of it or believe our processing is unlawful; or (2) we only need the information for our legal claims or are evaluating your objection request.
      6. Right to Withdraw Consent. Where processing is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw it. Such withdrawal will not affect information previously processed with your consent.
      7. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with your local supervisory authority. You can find information about your data protection authority here.
    3. If you live in Canada, you have the following rights:
      1. Right to Access. You can ask us to confirm that we have personal information about you and provide you a copy of that information.
      2. Right to Correct. You can ask us to correct any inaccurate or incomplete personal information that we have about you.
  9. Data Retention

    Airtable retains the personal information we receive as described in this Privacy Notice for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose(s) for which it was collected, carry out our human resources operations, resolve disputes, establish legal defenses, conduct audits, pursue legitimate business purposes, enforce our agreements, and comply with applicable laws. Once you are no longer an employee or contractor with us, we will retain and securely destroy your personal information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Where your personal information has been anonymized, we may continue to use that information that can no longer be associated with you for longer than data retention timeframes applicable to any personally identifiable information we hold.

  10. Other Information
    1. Security of Your Information. We take steps to ensure that your information is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Notice.
    2. Third-Party Websites/Applications. Various resources and sites at Airtable may contain links to third-party websites/applications and other websites/applications may reference or link to Airtable. These third-party services are not controlled by us. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of each website and application with which they interact.
  11. Changes To Our Privacy Notice and Practices

    We may revise this Privacy Notice from time to time in our sole discretion. If there are any material changes to this Privacy Notice, we will notify you as required by applicable law. You understand and agree that you will be deemed to have accepted the updated Privacy Notice if you continue your employment or engagement with Airtable after the new Privacy Notice takes effect.

  12. Contact Us

    If you have any questions about our privacy practices or this Privacy Notice, please contact Airtable’s People team using the following information:

    Formagrid Inc, dba Airtable
    799 Market Street, 8th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94103