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Visual collaboration done right

Manage your projects, customers, inventory, or anything else in a flexible tool that grows with your needs.

The best of both worlds

Pick the right view for the task at hand. With Airtable, you can seamlessly toggle between a fast and powerful spreadsheet and a delightfully draggable kanban view.

Your work isn't one-dimensional.

So why should your workflow tool be? With Airtable's kanban views, you can stack (and re-stack) your cards along any dimension you'd like.

Filter and sort by custom fields

Like a spreadsheet, Airtable is completely flexible. Every custom field you add is filterable, sortable, and fully-manipulable, so you can piece together the structure that works for you.

Powerful reporting

Switch to a spreadsheet view to group your records and count, sum, or average anything from checkbox states to dollar values.

The flexibility of your very own database

Need to add new tables and link related content? Done. Add your own fields, views, and formulas? Piece of cake. All your changes are synced with multiplayer realtime and robust revision history too.

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