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Once you have the core parts of your workflow set up in a base, you may find yourself looking to solve a few last pieces—often, this is because your particular business requires a highly unique or complex workflow. Airtable Extensions can often bridge the gap.

Extensions expand the functionality of your Airtable base—you can use them to do everything from surfacing progress against a goal, to generating powerful, real time reports based on your existing data.

1. Using extensions in Airtable

Airtable Extensions can be added to view, analyze, and take action on your base’s information. Auto-updating and easily adjustable, they can be used to generate reports and dashboards, to import information and engage with external apps and services, and much more. In this article, explore some of the most popular extensions you can use in your workflow.

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2. Build custom reports in Airtable

Building a custom report allows you to pare down viewable data—so you can display just what you and your collaborations need to see. Using Airtable Extensions, you can build your own dashboards on top of your base.

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