Trademark Guidelines

Last Updated: September 12, 2023


Welcome to Airtable’s Trademark Guidelines! Formagrid Inc, dba Airtable (“we” or “our”) are excited about your use of Airtable and created these Trademark Guidelines (“Guidelines”) to help you understand how to properly use our name, trademarks, logos, designs, service marks, or other brand assets (“Airtable Marks”).

By using Airtable Marks, you agree to follow these Guidelines. We reserve the right to modify or revoke any allowed uses under these Guidelines at any time in our sole discretion.

Using Airtable Marks


Our primary logo includes an icon and our full wordmark. It has been carefully crafted to represent flexibility, modularity, and connection. The logo must appear clearly, and should never be modified, distorted, or redrawn. There are two approved lockups of our icon and wordmark, which you may download here. By downloading our logos, you agree to use them in accordance with these Guidelines.

Whenever you are using Airtable Marks, your description must be truthful and may not imply that you are associated, affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed with or by us in any way.

You must also clearly attribute Airtable as the owner of the Airtable Marks (for example, "Airtable and the Airtable trademark are registered trademarks of Formagrid Inc dba Airtable.”).

Remember that trademarks are adjectives, not nouns or verbs, and should not be used as a plural or possessive. Use the Airtable trademark only as an adjective followed by the appropriate noun describing the product or service (e.g., the Airtable platform).

What’s Allowed

Following these Guidelines, you may use Airtable Marks to:

  • Reference Airtable or our products or services in an informational context in articles, websites, etc., provided such reference is not confusing or misleading. Including a disclaimer such as, “This [product, service, or other content type] is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or affiliated with Airtable” can help avoid confusion.

  • Use Airtable Marks to accurately describe how your product or service relates to Airtable (e.g., “Compatible with Airtable” or “Built with Airtable”).

  • Use the word “Airtable” to link to our pages and content.

  • Use screenshots or video captures of Airtable Marks for educational purposes in teaching materials and school projects.

What’s Not Allowed

When using Airtable Marks, please don’t:

  • Use Airtable Marks in a way that suggests an affiliation, partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement with or by us where there is none, for example, on community websites or social media accounts. Including a disclaimer such as, “This [Website/Content] is not associated or affiliated with Formagrid Inc dba Airtable” can help avoid confusion.

  • Incorporate Airtable Marks, or variants, in business names, app names, website names, domain names, social media accounts, or related products or services, unless we have given express permission.

  • Copy or imitate the look and feel of any Airtable Marks, including our website, apps, logos, color scheme, icons,and other similar materials.

  • Display Airtable Marks more prominently than your own name and branding.

  • Present Airtable Marks in connection with content or material that is misleading, obscene, infringing, or illegal, or with content or material that otherwise violates Airtable’s Terms of Service.

  • Monetize Airtable Marks or confusingly similar marks, such as by selling Airtable-branded merchandise.