Third-Party AI Providers

Last Updated: June 28, 2024

Airtable AI is powered by the third-party AI platform and model providers (“Third-Party AI Providers”) in the table below, as updated from time to time. Enterprise Scale and Business plan customers may choose the Third-Party AI Providers they wish to use via the admin panel settings, and are only subject to the terms and policies applicable to the Third-Party AI Providers they have enabled.

As set forth in the Airtable AI Terms, the following Third-Party AI Provider terms and policies are applicable to the use of Airtable AI:

Third-Party AI Provider

Applicable Terms and Policies

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS)

AWS Acceptable Use Policy available at:

AWS Responsible AI Policy available at:

Anthropic Acceptable Use Policy available at:


OpenAI policies available at:

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

IBM® watsonx™ Additional Terms available at:

Meta Llama 3 Additional Terms available at:

These terms and policies are subject to change by the Third-Party AI Providers, so you are advised to check this page regularly for updates.